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                   Congratulations to the

R.F.A. Legends 

Regular Season Champions

Season record of 8 wins - 0 losses - 2 draws

for a total of 26 points. 

The Legends were also winners of the BSL Cup by defeating the Pathfinders by a score of 3 - 2. 

And to the Sportsmanship Award 


With Zero misconduct points

No cautions or red cards all season


Blossomland Soccer League

The BSL is Southwest Michigan's Premier Adult Soccer league. We have players aged from 15 years to over 60 of all abilities playing on teams from SW Michigan and Northern Indiana. 

We are a co-ed league with many women playing among our ranks. Our talent levels range from 'weekend warriors' to high school to NCAA college to retired national players from many countries, and most who simply love the game and want to participate. Many do it for the exercise and social aspect but everyone enjoys getting out for the love of soccer. Some have grown up with the sport while others joined later in life. 

Current Happenings

BSL Cup Tournament 

Opening games, start time is 7 pm EST:

Wed. July 20: #3 Cassopolis vs #6 Velociraptors @ Cassopolis HS

       Cassopolis advances to Semi-Final with a 5-3 win

                               #4 Tornados vs # 5 S.J. Kickers Premier @ Invaders

     Tornados advance to Semi-Final with a 4 - 0 win

Thurs. July 21: #1 RFA Legends vs P & R FC @ Dogwood Park

     RFA Legends advance to Semi-Final by virtue of forfeit     

                                 #2 Pathfinders vs Pumas @ St. Joe Kickers

     Pathfinders advance to Semi-Finals with a 5 - 1 win

Semi-Final games to be played on Sunday, July 24 at 4 pm EST

RFA Legends vs Tornados at Dogwood Park

RFA Legends win with a score of 2 - 0

Pathfinders vs Cassopolis FC at SJ Kickers Sport Club 

Pathfinders win with a score of 5 - 1

BSL Cup Final

Sunday, July 31 at 3 pm EST at the St. Joe Kickers Sport Club

#1 RFA Legends vs #2 Pathfinders


The remaining three teams who did not qualify for the BSL Cup will play a round-robin type of tournament.

Tues. July 19, 7 pm EST: Hop Station vs Cyclones @ Jr. Irish 

Tues. July 26, 7 pm EST: Cyclones vs SJ Kickers Blau @ Jr. Irish

Sun. July 31, 1 pm EST: SJ Kickers Blau vs Hop Station @ SJ Kickers

RFA Legends won the BSL Cup Final by a score of 3 - 2. It was a hard fought game with both teams having their opportunities to score. The final tie breaker score was made in the 7th minute of and eight minute extra time.

Congratulations to both teams.  









The 2022 season has concluded and we are already preparing for 2023 which will be our 20th Season as a league.  

For information on entering a team for the 2023 season contact our Registrar at  

We will begin our 2023 season sometime this winter. Look for an announcement concerning our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is usually held in December or early January each year. 

We will conduct elections of officers who's term is expiring, any changes in registration requirements, and conduct any other necessary business. We also do much of our planning for the coming season and hear reports from all the teams at this meeting. 

Keep checking this web site periodically for more information.   


Contact Us Registrar

Blossomland Soccer League